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Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Quote....

To negate a thought conceived is the demise of endless imaginations ~ Rinaldo

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My pain belongs to me....

The pain is quite something, not near enough to pleasure but stimulating none the less. Strange the sting the sensations of deriding the flesh almost unbearable yet a conquest of how much can I bear? Pleasure is more than tolerable yet not always advocated, pain is an awareness of something unkind yet at times warranted for the sake of enabling a conscious awareness of dysfunctionality. At other times pain unwarranted boasts implications of an adverse offensive, a hostility to the flesh from a source not my own.

My pain I can put aside and even to flight but to conquer its effect relies on strength, mind and will. Symptoms masked reoccur randomly therefore the root causes need to be extracted discriminatively without supposition.

Pain is sharp, dull, tight, burning, pounding, agonising, stinging, throbbing, blunt, uncooperative, relentless, rawness and at times cruel ache. To wrestle with it causes more sensation to be still with it subdues it for a time. Momentary affliction is preferred, a swift measure of defeating pain is better than a drawn loathsome inexplicable suffering. I have dealt with the blows of excruciation but nothing like the formidable rejection from the ones you love or death and absence of these you love. A chasm of aching turmoil to the heart and the sickening knot in the pit of your stomach. Anguish and despair attack the fragile heart, riddled with disease of brokenness right to the soul. Recovery is long and hard, some never recover and the heart dies within a crushed chamber.

Pain is a sensation, a sensibility and a raw emotion, whilst pleasure is the very same....both the human condition!

Monday, February 15, 2010

I have Learned...

"As a Chef, I learned you eat with your eyes, as a Drummer I learned you play from your heart, as a Father I learned you sacrifice life itself, as a Husband I learned you love unconditionally, as a Writer I learned that language is dead until experienced and as a Photographer I learned I have seen the world but never observed it until now" ~ Rinaldo

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The key...

She bent over instantly as her shoe had just kicked up a small amount of dust which then uncovered a tarnished something in the earth. It had caught her eye. She brushed the dirt to one side with her hand which revealed an old fragile key. Rusted and curled at one end rather large towards the other she picked it up carefully so as not to expose its fragility. A breath of gentle air blew against the key from her lips further revealing its coarse layers of age and rust. The key must have been many decades old and somehow lost from its lock, like a ship from the ocean........

The key ancient mesmerised her, she stared at it as she lay hold of it in a firm grasp. She pondered what secrets it held and who might have been the original keeper of the key. Had the previous owner lost the cherished secrets it secured or had they somehow now been revealed to the world from which they were hidden. Running home, desperate to find something the key could also lock and unlock her mind lay hold of all the memories and scraps of paper which had scribed keepsakes and unmentionable verse etched upon them. These would also now be hidden from the world and reserved as trinkets of sentiment, nothing demure and nothing dark, mere fantasy of a youth spent in solitude with the infrequent glimmer of a social intimacy seldom come, from children her own age.

The key... was a passage to another world, a world of mystery and hidden pleasures, a world of fantastic gesture in which her fantasies became all so tangible to her. As an only child she often confided in her diary and kept secrets too complex and detailed to share with another soul, but often childish nonsense to the rest of us!

The Key is of no consequence or value except to the beholder, for what is cherished and stored securely with lock and key is validated only by the heart ~ where secrets are locked and revealed, by the single turn of a key!

A Labour of Love!

"An excavated love is one that is not worth having, for in the dig does only one put forth enough labour to unearth it and then toils constantly to sustain a flawed love! But a love between two which has evolved from seed, grows and flourishes. Its beauty prospers and produces grand generations" ~ Rinaldo

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"With too many regrets, my future years have I squandered" ~ Rinaldo

Friday, January 15, 2010


There's often a sensibility about her, soulful, smiling disguising the inner pain, a private wound and hurt. She no longer lingers about the night in bars waiting for Mr. Right, no! despatched and armed with girlfriends she walks the empty aisles of black and white film genre to familiarise herself with love.
Children now grown still accompany her at times, she delights in them and always covetous to fulfil their dreams herself, she lives her life through them and the quaint offerings of the lonely hearts club that take seldom journeys to the local bars and restaurants in the hope of being seen and adored once more.
Hopes are dashed whilst dreams are forgotten her heart is sick, dying slowly a somber death all the while she masks her pain with a gently smile. She is deliberate and beautiful, elegant and talented but wastes away in the despair of a love lost. Her fragrance is sweet and sweeps through the valleys of her day, noticed by those who merely lust she still wanders aimlessly and is haunted by her inner seclusions. She looks in all the wrong places and now trusts to easily those who mean her harm, stay away you beauty, wrap yourself in His comfort and remain astute to those who are wanton. The nights are alone with many spent by the fire of winters dread, loyalty at her side as mans best friend lays quiet, bringing comfort and relief to her fragile state, she strokes his coat and stares blank at the flickering flames whilst shadows of loneliness dance.

Delicately she maneuvers her body a gentle approach in all she does, refined with simplistic grace, softness and care she contours her every move. She cooks with such significant beauty, succulent is her every meal, nurtured and full of colour as she displays it on a single setting. A candle is lit and a glass of wine sits on the large empty table, she executes an undeniable refrain and eats alone once more. A woman of wonder she must prevail with solitude for now and pursue the search for her long awaited soul mate. The wind is constant, it howls too, for it comes to her but is also empty and brings naught. Rushing about franticly it soon departs in despair, there is no scent....she is hollow. How abate has her life come from exhilarating and charmed to nostalgically remorseful. Sorrow now encompasses many of her routines whilst the sky is blue and the heavens dazzle us with the spirit of love, the sun does beat upon every living creature, yet this one, this gorgeous one! Is shadowed, shadowed, shadowed under the weight of her emptiness and coupled to this adversary, loneliness.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Only time separates us! In loving memory of a child united with Jesus....

How beautiful you are, and in shadow you shone like the stars now in glory and perfection you reflect the image of Jesus, how beautiful and perfect you must be! I am so proud of you and my love is never vacant. The measure increases, the heart is accepting, but my soul does insist on you and remembers wholly your precious smile. Your voice I hear in my heart but I desire to hear with ear once more, to touch the smooth features of your face but takes place in my dreams. Life still gifts me though my treasure is now with another, I anxiously await the still silent end of day that I may sleep and visit with you once more. I still call your name but you don't answer, I set your place but you never arrive, I see your possessions lay untouched and I reminisce. But these things now am I lessoned with though my soul still longs and mourns. My tears will always be heaven sent, may they be acceptable prayers, many prayers have I laid before God's throne over you and my grief does not yet abandon me.....Tomorrow my child I seek to deliver again my sorrow but I hold onto the knowledge in faith that only time does separate us! I need not worry nor do I want for this life only to please Him and seek His Salvation, that we all may attend together the almighty feast and celebration of all the Kingdoms children!

In death will I rejoice as you have, to see the Lord in Glory and I to behold not only His glorious face but also yours. Until then my sweet your family sends love, we laugh and rejoice over you, though also we cry and demand you once more to revisit and partake your place in our earthen sojourn.
Missing Paul..... 15-Feb-1993 - 28-Nov-2006

Friday, November 27, 2009

Silver Faced...

Silver faced she watches over us, at times narrowed eclipse. Heaven sent guiding our paths, she leads the seasons and influences our planet. King tides loom the oceans, they roar with rage and swell as she navigates with compelling tow. Full, new and crescent moons splendid us with images of seduction. . . You launch our seasons bringing festival and celebration, we masquerade about on your behalf with dance and song like the ancients. Our fill of contemplation under moonlit skies fulfil the age of our discontent, you ladden us with mournful shadow. Oh ageless moon aware of us, quietly at your post in adorning starry blanket, depths of crater have wounded your soul and visions of faint constellations embrace. All the whilst our secrets are kept, the past you've witnessed are vile observations but shared deep within, not a word is spoken. Golden rises and pale dusted sets, your face always beholding sweet earth whilst quaint revolving's on horizons doth shimmer. Tomorrow night farewell's this stage, your face will once again grace earth, and we, kissed by your eternal glow. Farewell crescent moon the seasons end comes and your glory hides but for a moment...soon will we reacquaint! Soon we will be together ...goodnight.

Seething Droplets!

The droplets seethe as they plummet, leaving behind the fullness of their weight from the heavenly embodiments of water. Pools floating in cotton apparel fueled by gusts and gathered collectively as vapour. Exodus on the horizons of grey mirth, rolling in with thunderous atmosphere. Enlightening displays of power and static, strikes of power blaze towards earth. Mesmeric plumes of ancient tempests blow fiercely towards terra firma, wild beasts scatter, clanging doors slam shut in the quickened breezes as disorientation hits man. Cluttered exits and broken down machines line the black lengths of darkened highways, all the whilst nature takes its course. Nonchalant the wave of reckless hydrogenated cloud bursts forth over city and plain releasing its brunt to the parched landscape. Tossed umbrella, soaking sheets of water sweep across roads carrying the children home. Suddenly light breaks through as the sky reappears, last minute drops evacuate the heavens...all is hushed torrents continue down drains and gutters. Stepped into puddles resound and drenched clinging fabrics are worn on the lengthy journey home. Sunlight and rays brighter than ever reflect the droplets everywhere and catch eyes startling their gaze. Flash as the recent wash covered windows reflect blazing sun images on passing by traffic. Streets swish as wheels roll through the residue, but lastly heat restores peace to chaos as the last droplets resume their position high above earth, vacuumed up and nestle back into pools adrift, floating!

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